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December 30, 2012
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Japan x Pregnant!Reader - Last Friend

~Kiku’s POV~

I was walking down the lonely hallway after school. My mind reflected on the amount of homework I had to do this evening when I heard someone in a classroom I was passing by. Curiously, I backtracked and looked into the classroom, only to see my best friend _____ with her head on her desk, sobbing. “_____-san, are you arright?” I asked softly. _____ slowly looked up at me, her usually happy (e/c) eyes red from tears and her perfect (h/c) hair sticking out in odd places.

“K-kiku-sama, what are you doing at school so late?” She asked, wiping her tears away quickly.

“I was about to head home when I noticed you here. Is everything okay?” I walked over to her desk, setting my book bag on the desk in front of hers.

_____ faked a smile. “Yeah, everything is perfectly fine,” she lied.

“_____-san, I’ve known you rong enough to terr if your rying or not,” I sighed. _____ blinked a couple of times, her smile gone, and then sighed sadly.

“I-I don’t know what to do anymore, Kiku,” she said, her voice wavering. “I can’t rely on my parents or my boyfriend, and without them, I’m lost.”

“What happened?” I sat down in front of her, concerned for my friend.

“I… I found out that I’m pregnant,” _____ said. “I’m pregnant with Gilbert’s child. I told him when I saw him right after school, but his reaction was…”

“Bad?” I guessed.

“He looked revolted,” she sobbed, tears rolling down her eyes. “He said he didn’t want to be with me anymore, and he’s all I had.”

“And your parents?” I asked.

“When they find out, they’ll kill me and then disown me,” she replied. Tears streamed down her face now, her sobs were uncontrollable. “I have nowhere to turn, nowhere to go. I might as well kill myself and be done with it.”
“Seppuku is not an option, _____-san,” I said exasperatedly. “Your friends will support you no matter what happens.”

“What friends?” She questioned. “Elizaveta won’t talk to me after a rumor was spread about me and Roderich, Gilbert is gone, and the Bad Touch Trio with him, Vash would shoot me from being in his personal bubble, Ludwig is too busy keeping Gilbert in check, and Feliciano is too innocent to understand anything.”

“What about me?” I said. “Am I not your friend?”

_____ remained silent for a bit. “Y-you are my friend, Kiku-sama. It’s just—!”

~Reader’s POV~

You cut yourself off when Kiku gave you a small peck on the forehead. Confused and slightly surprised, all you could do was gawk and stare into Kiku’s beautiful brown eyes.
“_____-san,” Kiku said, his cheeks slightly pink. “I’rr always be here for you, because… because…” He never finished the sentence because you had kissed him on his cheek, partially returning the kiss and partially… Keep yourself together, girl.

“… Kiku-kun, I really, really like you,” you breathed, your tears dried. “I… I understand if you don’t return the feelings, but it’s best to get it off of my chest while everything else in my life is falling apart.”

“…” Kiku stared at you slightly in shock, his eyes opened wide. “… _____-chan… I do rike you. I rike you a rot, and it hurts me to see you sad rike this. I… I wish there was something I courd do to make you happy.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. He… he likes you back? Was this a dream? You found yourself at a loss of words. “…Kiku… You… You’ve already made me feel better, just by listening to my problems. I… I… Th-thank you. Thank you for everything.”

“You’re wercome,” Kiku nodded. “I-if you need help with anything, just ret me know. I’rr be here for you.”

My God :iconmygodplz:

I need to stop noodling around with accents and such. :iconimsorryplz:

Hetalia (c): :iconhimaruyaplz:
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